Spelling Bee 2012

8th Spelling Bee Schedule

Skardu District Rounds: 4th & 5th September 2012
Hyderabad District Rounds: 15th September 2012
Sukkhur District Rounds: 18th September 2012
Islamabad Regional Rounds: 19th September – 22nd September 2012
Multan District Rounds: 26th September 2012
Karachi District Rounds: 26th September – 2nd October 2012
Karachi Regional Rounds: 3rd October 2012
Lahore Regional Rounds: 2nd October – 6th October 2012
National Championship Islamabad: 18th October 2012


6 thoughts on “Spelling Bee 2012

  1. Could you please tell me when these dates were announced? I was informed about the date of my son’s (9-11 years) test by the school last week only.
    And of course its difficult for him to prepare in such a short notice with his monthly tests (17th to 24th September). He had been selected for this competition in his school after lots of efforts.
    Also, could you please tell me whether he can apply by himself (not through the school) next time, so that I can make him prepare with keeping in mind (myself) the test date.

  2. I am participating in the competition for the second time. Please update the time and schedule for Karachi district round..Thanks

  3. hello! i’m a participant of thee dawn’s 2012 spelling bee competition i’d like to know if i can get any dictations for spellings on the internet and where the final round will be held and what prizes are there.

  4. My team mates and i want to know that why are the pool C rounds being held on a SUNDAY???The quality of the 2012 wordlist is deteriorated and there are a few errors too…spellings of some words differ from the spelling used in the sentence! ‘How To Use The Word List’ is written ‘World’ list.

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