DAWN in Education Programme

DAWN in Education Programme was initiated by the Dawn Media Group, as the first ever “Newspaper in Education Programme” in Pakistan, and still continues to be the only programme.

Leading Newspapers across the globe have such learning programmes as a step towards creating awareness of current and global affairs amongst children, while polishing their skills language and literally skills. DAWN in Education Programme intents to do just the same, and believes in ‘Extending the boundaries of the classroom.’

The programme has had some very successful events to boast off, such as the the:

DAWN in Education Teacher’s Manual aimed at assisting teachers to formulate lesson plans using DAWN Newspaper as the key information resource in th classrooms. The manual was developed in collaboration with the Teacher’s Resource Centre (TRC).

DAWN in Education School Trips allow schools to visit DAWN offices across Pakistan and learn how a newspaper is put together every day.

DAWN in Education Quality Cultural Events provide students an opportunity to attend esteemed cultural events in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. The world famous Bolshoi Ballet, Kara Film Festival and various theatrical productions have provided students interested in the p.erforming arts with a chance to attend, participate and learn from them.

Karachi – City of Our Future Contest was held in 2003 under the umbrella of YOUNG WORLD – DAWN in-paper magazine. This unique event aimed at finding solutions for the city’s urban problems through a collective effort made by Karachi’s school-going children.

Last but not the least is the DAWN in Education Spelling Bee  Contest aims to expand children’s horizons beyond the classroom and enhance their process of learning. The contest is designed to help students improve in their spellings, increase their vocabulary, learn new concepts and develop the correct usage of the English language.


8 thoughts on “DAWN in Education Programme

  1. Iv been keeping myself updated with the spelling bee, its always exciting for kids. how can we register kids from a particular school? what would be the procedure? also if anyone wants to volunteer in the spelling bee, can i be directed?

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