What it takes to be a Spelling Bee Winner!!!

It is not the will to win but the will to prepare to win that makes the difference.”

With the National Round of the Spelling Bee around the corner, pulses race, hearts pump and the preparation of our young and ambitious spellers reaches its zenith. The people who were part of the exciting Bee tell us what they think it takes to be a winner.

Sameer Ahmed of the Generation’s School describes his state as ‘euphoric” on making it to the Nationals due to be held on the first of November 2011. He thinks his edge has been the fact that he has the rich experience of participating in the Spelling Bee for the last three years. “I made it to the Nationals in my first try — I was in the 12-14 age category at that time.”

When asked what stopped him from becoming the national champion then, he attributes it to a bad stroke of luck. “The day I
returned from qualifying at the Regionals, I got chicken pox. Just a day before the National Round, the doctor declared me fit to compete.” His illness took a toll and he was unable to bag the National Champion title.

For the imminent 2011 championship, Sameer exudes confidence. “I’ll give full credit to my mother and teachers for actively supporting me.” Sameer shares that his mother goes as far as to make a timetable for him so that he is able to balance his O-Level preparation as well as his Spelling Bee practice.

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