Grand Finale – National Championship Structure

The Big day is near, and all our participants have worked really hard, to prove to the world that they truly are Pakistan’s Stellar Spellers. So here is a run down of the event itself, to help you understand what to expect from the event.

Structure for the National Competition

ROUND 1 – “Choose your Pool of Words”

Students have a choice to choose their words between:

a)    Dawn Round

b)    Geography

c)     Entertainment (Art, Music, Dance, Film, Regional Food etc)

d)    Words of Greek Origin

4 words will be asked from each participant from this round.

One participant can choose only 2 words from each category. The Students can choose a New category for every word asked as well.

If a participant spells all 4 words correctly, 5 Bonus points will be awarded. There is  no negative marking in this round.

Note: Total time to spell each word will be 40 seconds, with 20 seconds to ask questions about the word and 20 seconds to spell the word.

At the end of Round 1, top 6 scorers will qualify for Round 2. (In case of a tie To Bee or Not to Bee Round (i.e. the Sudden Death Round) will be played)


Rapid Bee Round

Each participant will be given 40 seconds to spell as many words as they can in those 40 secs. Participants will be allowed to ask questions about the word.

For each correct spelling 5 points will be awarded
There will be negative marking (-1 points for each incorrect spelling)

 Note: Participants have the option to pass the word twice ONLY.

Participants will only be allowed to retrace if he/she has not completely finished spelling the word.

Participants should be warned of the speed at which they are to give the spelling; if they spell too fast in order to fit in as many words as possible, they may not spell clearly and hence no points will be awarded.

On completion of ROUND 2 top 4 scorers will qualify for WIN THE BEE ROUND. 


Win the Bee Round

Final knock out round played to decide on the National Champion, 1st, and 2nd Runner-Up.

Tips for Participants

  1. Read the Dawn Newspaper on a Regular Basis. Develop a Reading Habit which will last you a lifetime.
  2. Do not Try to cram up information, or words the night before your BIG DAY! It will only make you more Nervous, and your brain will be tired.
  3. REST well, take a Good Night sleep. Watch a nice movie to relax and make it an early nighter.
  4. If you really want to study, or revise, then my only word of advise is to revise your Phonics. Read through the Phonetic Guide, and understand the sounds clearly.
If you still have any questions, please get in touch with us and answer your relevant questions.
Keep on Reading and Keep sending us your feedback.
Good Luck!!


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