Schools that made it to the Lahore Regional Championship

160 teams competed at the Lahore Pools at the 7th Dawn in Education National Spelling Bee Competition 2011. But only a few could be qualified for the Regional Championship. The following teams are the ones that battled it out to reach the Lahore Regional Championship 2011 of the 7th Dawn in Education National Spelling Bee Competition in partnership with the U.S Embassy, Islamabad.

Pool Winners of 9-11

Pool A-1 to Pool A-12 

Pool-A1.          DHA Junior Campus Z Block,Lahore.

Pool-A2.         AitchisonCollegePrep School, Lahore.

Pool-A3.          LGS Shahjamal Branch,Lahore.

Pool-A4.          BSS Girls Campus Palm Tree Campus, Gujranwala.

Pool-A5.         SialkotGrammar School, Sialkot.

Pool-A6.          LACAS Burki Campus Girls, Lahore.

Pool-A7.          BSS Gujrat Campus.

Pool-A8.         DHA Sr.SchoolGirls Branch, Lahore.

Pool-A9.         LGSJoharTown254-F1Lahore.

Pool-A10.       LahoreSchoolof Learning, Lahore.

Pool-A11.        SCARS DALE International School Lahore.

Pool-A12.       Army Public School& College for Girls Azam GarrisonLahore.


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Pool Winners of 12-14

Pool B-1 to Pool B-12 

Pool-B1.         AitchisonCollegePrep School, Lahore.

Pool-B2.          Resource Academia, Lahore.

Pool-B3.         Aitchison CollegeSr.School,Lahore.

Pool-B4.         GarrisonAcademyforBoys Tufail Road,Lahore.

Pool-B5.         Bloomfieldhall school,girls branch, Gulberg, Lahore

Pool-A6.          LACAS,Johar town,girls branch,Lahore

Pool-B7.         SialkotGrammar School,Bhopalwala branch, Sialkot.

Pool-B8.         KohinoorGrammarHigh School,Main branch, FSD

Pool-B9.         LahoreGrammar school,senior branch, ghalib market,Lahore

Pool-A10.       Crescent Model Higher secondary school,Girls Section,Lahore

Pool-B11.       FaisalabadGrammar School for girls Faisalabad.

Pool-B12.        St. Peter’s High School,Lahore.

Pool Winners of 15-17

Pool C-1 to Pool C-8 

Pool-C1.         Aitchison College Sr.School, Lahore.

Pool-C2.          KIPS Girls College, Lahore.

Pool-C3.          TheCitySchool, Gulberg Girls Senior, Lahore.

Pool-C4.          The Lahore Alma, DHA, Lahore.

Pool-C5.         CustomsPublic School, for Boys Branch,Lahore.

Pool-C6.          Beaconhouse school system defence campus, Lahore

Pool-C7.          SISA, Johar Town, Lahore.

Pool-C8.          Convent of Jesus & Mary,Lahore.