Step Up for a Change – Seize the Day

‘CARPE DIEM’ SEIZE THE DAY – Step Up for a Change

The W Training Center
Sunday, September 18, 2011

On Sunday, September 18, 2011, four students successfully organized an event named “Carpe Diem Seize the Day – Step Up for a Change” which was attended by students from various educational institutes of Karachi. The event was held at The W Training Centre where Maddi Murtaza, Nadia Ramzan and the OZ Duo inspired and motivated the youth of Karachi.

Carpe Diem, in Latin translates to seize the day, and on a bright Sunday morning on September 18, 2011, a group of four friends literally seized the day with their passion to give back to society.

In July this year at YLC 2011, four young and energetic people met each other for the first time; their thoughts connected instantly and their attitudes clicked with precision. In the next six days their friendship bonded even stronger and they decided to do something big.

Their brainstorming session was held at a local tea shop (chai ka dhabba) and on September 18, 2011, they were at The W Training and Networking Centre on Clifton, executing a flawless floor plan for their debut workshop “Step Up for a Change” where 120 students belonging to various educational institutes and backgrounds were present to be enthralled, entertained and motivated. Carpe Diem is the brainchild of Shuaib Ahmed, Syed Salman Ali Jaffri, Sumair Mustafa and Ghufran Rehmani. Shuaib and Salman are 3rd year textile engineering students at NED; Sumair is doing his ACCA and Ghufran is an Auditor. With such diverse backgrounds but one goal in focus – to create avenues for the youth and to make their own lives more meaningful.

Step Up for a Change was the first event organized by Carpe Diem, which was a one-day workshop, where learning, networking and having fun was the call of the day. The workshop was divided into various sessions, where each session was conducted by various trainers and facilitators. We have divided the workshop coverage into a Morning Session and an afternoon Session, for our readers.

Session 1: Maddi Murtaza

What can we say about Maddi Murtaza? He is young, energetic and outspoken; that’s why his words have weightage and his thoughts have depth. As soon as he started the proceedings of the day, the attendees were energized even before they had an energy drink break. Maddi divided the participants into different groups according to the color of the wrist bands they were wearing and asked them to give their team a name and a chant. Once this was done, all the groups remained as they were made throughout the day.


Session 2: Ahmed Parekh

The second speaker was one who personified elegance and charisma. Attired in white shalwar kurta and waist coat; Ahmed Parekh’s arrival at the dice created a pin drop silence, for everyone wanted to listen to his precious words and life experiences. Ahmed Parekh is an Engineer from Bombay; has worked in Unilever and Faisal Chemicals; was the Town Nazim of Jamshed Town where his efforts were recognized by the Swiss Government and is currently serving as the Chairman of KATI (Korangi Association of Trade and Industry). Mr. Parekh is an eccentric experienced individual who has accomplished numerous feats in life. During his speech, he narrated his accounts from his days from pre-partition; the tragic event of how he lost his son in a horrific car accident and inspired the participants with his stories.


Session 3: Nazia Ramzan

She looks as a teenager but has loads of experience, looks can certainly be deceiving 🙂 Nazia Ramzan was the third speaker and her robust personality added vigor to an already lively day. She talked about the purpose of life, why we are born and who we really are? Her session sent the participants into contemplation, where they were asked very simple yet difficult to answer questions which opened up the participants inside out. She really exemplified the importance of responsibility and patriotism when she narrated a story from Ashfaq Ahmed’s book Zaaviah which went like this; There was a worker at Steel Mill who had an accident, He lost both his legs when they were trapped in a machine.”

The man was rushed to the hospital and the surgeon was shocked to see the man who was waiting for an operation but had no legs. After an hour or so, his fellow workers brought the legs in the hospital. An eight hour long operation was conducted and his life and legs were saved. The reason given for getting late was that the machine had to the restarted properly avoiding an error in the process which would have costed Pakistan ten lac of Rupees. The way Nazia narrated the story made the audience reach out to their morals and learn a lesson from the truth in the story.

The best thing about both Nazia and Maddi was that they both knew how to connect with the audience and both are great story tellers. That is one commonality between leaders and change makers that they inspire others not with logic or philosophies but they motivate their audiences with stories, of change itself.


Covered By: Omar Iftikhar

Stay tuned in for the second half of the coverage!


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