The Young Facilitators Journey to YLC

Screaming on the Volley Ball court, landing with a twisted ankle, not realising what to do next, was when the thought occurred to me again. I was yet again in a similar situation surrounded by young people in their early and mid twenties, all energized trying to play a sport which they knew not much off. But, that didn’t matter. What mattered was that they were involved. Meeting new people, new faces, and accommodating anyone and everyone who had the passion to play. They didn’t care whether someone was worse that amateurs šŸ™‚ They were all there to support each other and help everyone pick up their game.

Similarly exactly a month ago, I had found myself in an exact situation, while attending the 10th Young Leaders Conference, 2011 organized by the School of Leadership. I was surrounded by some 400 young individuals as the whole hall was vibrating and glowing with energy. Though there were students and young professionals all around, the Sheraton Hotel, Karachi was buzzing with young people from all corners of Pakistan.

Most of the focus was on the participants. Everyone was speaking to them, Session speakers, mediaĀ personnelĀ and whoever wanted to know more about the conference, wanted to hear the participants out. But as I would walk down the halls, any one of the Young Facilitators (YFs) would smile and walk down with me. Giving me the royal treatment. It would be the YF’s on call whenever I needed something, or any student needed an advice, or help with anything. It was the YF’s running around for all the work, Session Speakers, facilitating them, helping and guiding them. The Young Facilitators to me were the true pillars holding the Fortress called “Young Leaders Conference.” It was them, who were tested to their greatest abilities and strength. They were the soldiers in shiningĀ armor, keeping things calm and composed and not letting the participants feel any less important.

In those 6 days, I did manage to speak to a few YF’s myself, only to find out more about them, and their love story with School of Leadership, mostly trying to understand their chain of thought to a journey they will surely never forget in their lifetime.

Surprisingly, most of the YF’s at the Young Leaders conference are previous YLCians. It’s the whole culture, heart to heart connection with anyone and everyone who wants to bring a change in themselves. Bilal Nazar Sibtain, Maalik KhaskhelyĀ the duo champ team who got acquainted with the world of YLC and SoL family in 2009, and nothing makes them give up their love for the YLC family. They love to touch more lives, and share hands with SoL in changing paradigms and mindsets for the youth.

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Maddi Murtaza a Young Trainer and a successful entrepreneur feels no different about the magic of YLC. Someone, who took a jump start in their academic life with engineering and leaving it midway knows now exactly what intrigues and moves him. Maddi himself feels, once becoming a part of YLC was aĀ realizationĀ to his “method to the madness.” He felt much closer to a world similar to him, wanting to change lives and improve upon the lives of others. Lost in theĀ mediocreĀ mindset that majority of our youth shares; it’s a sole mission for Maddi to eradicate all kinds of negative thoughts and replace them with constructive madness.

The queen thinker behind the Idealistic theme of the 10th YLC is none other than Namreen Akhtar. She herself being a part of YLC in 2009, has been fascinated and inspired by the people who run the show. Namreen who had recentlyĀ attendedĀ an International Youth Conference in Turkey, had returned all charged up with renewed energy to find her country in the midst of the worse floods the nation would ever encounter. There was a lot of energy and hope, and form while planning ahead for the upcoming YLC. She knew that the theme had to be Big and Strong. Thus, Emaan, Itehad & Tanzeem – Inqilaab came into existence. Even though her education was her main priority, this young graduating student has never said ‘NO’ while helping the YLC team organise themselves.

Zainab Haider another YF who was a participant at the 2009 YLC too has never looked back since her first interaction with the SoL. Being a participant of YLC, it had touched & moved her to such an extent, that she flew to Lahore to attend the TTYT (Train the Young Trainer) at the very next chance.

What amazed me is that these young individuals were so passionate about YLC and empowering their fellow youth members, they are more than excited to volunteer for 6 days at the conference and not only that, they go through a rigorous 5 day Boot Camp just before the conference commences.

After being around these extra energized young lot of YF’s, I have still to feel any less motivated and less energized. The drive and passion to make things happen not only for themselves but to help improvise things around them is absolutely spectacular.

Since the end of YLC, I have noticed numerous youth & skill developmentĀ training,Ā Public speaking & confidence building workshops conducted by these same YoungĀ Facilitators adamant to change the world. I would like to wish all these young individuals the best of Luck in theirĀ endeavorsĀ to change the world around them.

Signing out till the next YLC: Asma InayatĀ 

8 thoughts on “The Young Facilitators Journey to YLC

  1. WOW what a read. I just went through the entire YLC experience in 15 seconds. A lifetime memory for sure, so many lives touched, paradigms shifted, guiding principles formed and mindsets shaken.

    Asma, you write wonderfully and I’d like to thank you for your acknowledgment of the YF (Young Facilitators) team including myself.

    You are also very right about so many events happening post YLC showcasing the same energy and intellect.

    It is much appreciated and I look forward to seeing other events prosper with the YLC energy. I for sure am on a mission on MadDifying as many youth as possible šŸ™‚

    Maddi Murtaza

    • Thank You Murtaza,
      Highly appreciate your commendable move and yes please keep maddifying the youth. A little bit of eccentricity adds more color to life šŸ™‚

      Good Luck with your endeavors!!

  2. Waooo! This is such an honor for us Asma! Thank you for encouraging and appreciating our work throughout YLC, and even after that. This really made my day. And I will definitely keep the YLC spirit alive! šŸ™‚
    Love & prayers
    Fatima Tufail

  3. Its very well written and inspiring.Me too would have attended one of the YLC’s conference if i could afford it.I will surely someday though, cause i feel i too own something to make this place better šŸ™‚

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