The Idea and the Experience – Rebirth of YLC 2011

Every morning on my way to the School of Leadership (SoL), I would pass “Teen Talwar”- the monument of three marble swords, constructed in reverence to the future Quaid envisioned for Pakistan. “Unity, Faith, Discipline”-words iterated and reiterated by people seeking to inspire, bring back the passion with which the nation was built, words delicately woven into poetry in the hope that the few songs sung every 14 August would spark some patriotism. In some distant corner of my heart too, the same words reverberated with an aching to be brought to life with a focus on action. 10th Young Leader’s Conference was to be that revival, of not just a mere quotation but of the spirit too that must reflect the Quaid’s devotion to this country.
A revolution of sorts is needed to give back to this nation the strength it deserves.  A revolution brought about by uniting in our diversity to tolerate and respect religions, cultures and values different from ours while cherishing the common bond we share in many ways. A revolution persevered with faith in our ability to the shape the future. Lastly a disciplining of our energies to the common goal of salvaging our nation, through focused effort towards elimination of corruption, empowerment of youth, and education.

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Armed with a mere idea, banking on Apple’s creed that an “idea can change the world” – I went to SoL, hoping that this presentation would triumph others’ and I be chosen to lead this YLC. And so it happened, an opportunity anyone would dream of. As a business student, I thoroughly enjoyed the creative process of conceptualizing the conference, of building corporate relations, formulating marketing strategies and of experiencing a corporate culture at SoL that encourages personal growth. And so I continued for six months to juggle full time studies with the responsibilities that come as project manager. For me, YLC turned out to be a reawakening within myself- a close scrutiny of my strengths, weaknesses and abilities.
“Itehad.Imaan.Tanzeem- Inqilab” (Unity. Faith. Discipline- Revolution) was in its nascent stages when I had to painfully detach myself from the project. But gathering hope from the fact that the Quaid too entrusted a nascent Pakistan to the hands of the youth; I left YLC to the true custodians of a future brimming with hope, to the force that has driven the conference since its inception, to the youth of this country.
The writer is an undergraduate student at IBA, Karachi, and also a public speaker/ trainer.