Spelling Bee 2011 Warm Up

The spelling bee is right around the corner and we want our participants to be fully prepared to face the stiff competition this year. Here’s a little puzzle to warm up your grey matter.

 The objective is to form words by linking adjacent letters together. Letters that are to the left,  right, on top, bottom, or on a diagonal to each other are all acceptable.

Here are some words that can be found in this sample matrix:

  • Heroine
  • Heir
  • Roh
  • Hero


Words are valued at 1 point for each letter in excess of two letters. A three letter word is worth 1 point, a four letter word is worth 2 points, and so on.
Words formed by adding an s, ‘ed’, ‘es’, or ‘er’ are all valid. For example, chase, chases, chaser, chased and chasing are all valid if they can be made from adjacent letters in the matrix.

Mail us your answers in a WEEK at dawnineducation@gmail.com along with your postal address and phone number. Find all the 52 words and win a Spelling Bee T-shirt! 

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    • Dear Salman,

      If you might remember, we streamed the Karachi Regional Final Live – their might still be links available on the blog – you might have to search it out. But Good Luck

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