Confidence Building & Public Speaking Workshop

Sidra Iqbal personifies grace, elegance and confidence. She is a Pakistani youth icon as well as a well-known media celebrity. On July 25, 2011, she conducted a four-hour long workshop at The Royal Rodale Club with the basic objective of providing tips and techniques to become a better public speaker and to do it with confidence. The participants of the workshop were people from all walks of life including students, professionals as well as those who juggle both studies and work. The workshop was first of a series which will be held in the future.

The workshop started off with some tips on how to become fearless. According to her, if one has to become fearless in public speaking then practice is the key along with excellent preparation of the content. At random she also asked participants to state the purpose for which they were attending the workshop and asked a girl to sing a song. That participant was asked to sing three songs, which she did with ease. Sidra acknowledged her courage and the participants gave her the applause she deserved.

A very interesting activity was conducted. All the workshop facilitators were holding a placard with the name of an area in Karachi written in bold. A group of ten to fifteen participants joined each facilitator and they all had five minutes to prepare a speech, stating why it was good to live in their area. The areas included PECHS, Saddar, Airport, Nazimabad, Boat Basin, I.I Chundrigarh, Zamzama and Tariq Road. The groups had to come up with a chant or slogan for their area as well. One member from each group was called on stage and was given a minute to give their speech, starting with the slogan and then discussing the points. The objective of this activity was to emphasize on how to plan a speech. Sidra stressed on the importance of a strong beginning, the middle portion of the speech with facts and points, and then the closing should also be strong which leaves a long lasting impression on the audience’s mind.

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After the break, Sidra chose participants at random and asked them what they would choose if they had all the power in the world. There were many interesting answers and the activity was then followed by another individual activity in which chits of paper were to be selected by participants, who had to prepare impromptu speeches. Another interesting activity followed where one participant had to speak without moving their hands, while the other would stand behind him and would become his hands. This is something which the participants enjoyed thoroughly as, actions speak louder than words.

The workshop ended with a huge round of applause for all the participants and the esteemed sponsors. The workshop was indeed a great session with interactive activities and a chance for participants to network with fellow participants to further expand their professional circle.


[Article Contributed By: Omar Iftikhar]