YLC’11 so far

We’re more than half way through the Young Leaders’ Conference and it has been a very enlightening experience so far. Participants and young leaders from all over Pakistan and a few other countries including Indonesia and Mexico, have gathered on a single platform to exchange views and learn from some of the top leaders and sharpest minds in the country.

Day 1 started off with an inaugural session, after which representatives from the sponsoring companies were introduced and expressed their opinions and hopes about the conference. The participants divided into teams and were engaged in ice breaking activities so that they could be introduced to each other. There was a session on Life Coaching by later in the evening followed by Dinner by Bank Alfalah. The day ended with a session on identifying your own potential.

Day 2 and 3 were just as exciting and intense and included breakout sessions by different renowned personalities. The highlight of day 3 was the Power of Expression series where different breakout sessions were conducted on dance, theatre, music, film and street power.

It was an interesting turn of events when the participants reached the Countryside Chalet from Sheraton Hotel on Day 4. The participants encountered some problems with the facilities at the venue and had to be moved back to Sheraton Hotel for Day 5.

It has been an exhilarating experience so far and young leaders from all over Pakistan and abroad have put forward their diverse points of view. We have witnessed some heated debates on gender equality and discrimination on Day 5. Mr. Javed Jabbar, in his session, encouraged the youth to believe in an alternate world, to take full advantage of the explosive growth in information technology and media, and equip themselves for the future. He also talked about believing in Global Humanism and universal tolerance.

There’s surely much more to come in the remaining day and a half of the YLC’11. Please stay up to date on twitter by following us @DawninEducation and through our Facebook page http://Facebook.com/Dawnineducation