Learn what we are doing wrong with our Environment?

Learn of what we are doing wrong with our environment. Learn form our very own famous ‘Mali’ – Mr.Tofiq Pasha Moorj at the Young Leaders Conference 2011.

He is a man fueled by his passion for nature. He has dedicated his life’s
work toward a better and more sustainable tomorrow, for Mother Earth
and all the beings living on it! His work covers a wide range of media, working at all levels and especially at grass root levels, to ensure the realization of this goal. His special fields of interests include Food Security, Water, Environment, Children, Women and Landscaping.

With 30 years of experience in horticulture; floriculture; landscaping; water management, especially of smaller farms at the grassroots level, Pasha has introduced different varieties of high revenue crops interfaced with using water judiciously in different areas of Sindh. He is a member of Pakistan Water Partnership; Indus Delta Area Water Partnership, an active supporter of the Women and Water Network Pakistan; South Asia Focal Point of the Dialogue on Water Food and Environment and a Governor of The Hisaar Foundation.

Pasha has hosted Bagh Baani, Kitchen Garden and Go Camping with Pasha on TV and has been part of the teams making documentaries on water for the corporate sector and a TV channel. He has also worked with various international organizations to promote environmental initiatives to be locally implemented in urban and rural educational institutions and through media.