Environmental Leadership: Nurture, Sustain & Grow

 Tune in Today, for a complete Day of Environment Leadership at the Young Leaders Conference.

Listen to what the Experts have to say? A Panel Discussion between the Industry Experts and their views about how the Environment is being destroyed on a vast scale and how their efforts are helping clear things bit by bit.

You will be speaking directly to:

Mr. Ibad ur Rehman who is the Deputy Director of Cleaner Production Institute (CPI). It is a not-for-profit organization working on the nexus of industry-environment-development.

Ibad possesses an MBA and an M.Sc degree in Applied Chemistry. Besides, he is a trained Lead Auditor of ISO14001 standard. His professional experience spans over thirteen years, including a whole decade in the field of environment.

His main responsibilities in CPI include Development and implementation of various policies, protocols and procedures for CPI, project management, coordination for communication, institutional strengthening and support, internal monitoring, event management and training.

Arif Allauddin from ENERCON, is a proactive, adaptable and conscientious IS professional with over ten years of experience in the manufacturing, sales and FMCG industries covering all aspects of information technology with business needs. During his career, he has been responsible for complete software development life cycles, infrastructure setups, deployments, product launches, policies, business analysis, risk assessment and cross-functional operations.

Arif has strong practical experiences of ERP implementations of Oracle Supply Chain Management Projects, good knowledge in Oracle Inventory, purchasing, order management, manufacturing and OracleAPS (Advance Planning) Solutions Including: Collaboration Planning, Advance Planning Solutions (Lead Time Constraint, Capacity Constraints), Service Part. He is presently the Chief Executive of Alternative Energy Development Board,Pakistan.

Tofiq Pasha Mooraj has 30 years of experience in horticulture; floriculture; landscaping; water management, especially of smaller farms at the grassroots level, Pasha has introduced different varieties of high revenue crops interfaced with using water judiciously in different areas of Sindh. He is a member of Pakistan Water Partnership; Indus Delta Area Water Partnership, an active supporter of the Women and Water Network Pakistan; South Asia Focal Point of the Dialogue on Water Food and Environment and a Governor of The Hisaar Foundation.

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