Day 2. Environmental Generation

Later half of the session will involve the Young Leaders Conference Participants to question the government, the society of what have they done uptill now to clean sweep the environment. The environment protection laws, and its impact on our society today, and 10 years from now. 

In the later half of the day the conference will be taken into a panel discussion with the Federal Environment Minister starting off the session talking about the Government’s perspective and the actions that are being taken to encounter these problems. 

Next we have a breakout session between Mr. Muhammad Shahzad of UNFPA on community health, Mr, Muhammad Faisal Khokar of Khairpur on comunity welfare, on economic wellbeing by Mr. Olaf Kellerhof, of The Friedrich Naumann Foundation and on Cultures by Ms. Nigar Nazar of Gogi Studios

Mr. Olaf is representing ‘The Friedrich Naumann Foundation’ is an independent, nonprofit, nongovernmental organization. Originating in Germany, the Foundation has won a reputation for promoting Freedom in human dignity as the ultimate precondition of a society where people can live freely and in peace.

Olaf’s competencies range from creativity, communication, conflict management and political consulting with extensive mission experience in post-conflict countries. He has strong cross-cultural and language skills (viz. Farsi, Arabic, Turkish) and his work style is shaped by passion and reliability.

Ms. Nigar is fascinated with culture and how important a role it plays on our lives. What started off as a doodling habit for Ms. Nigar brought about a cartoon character which turned into a comic strip for the once Premedical student and eventually gave Nigar Nazar the status of being the first Muslim woman cartoonist.

Nigar wished she could get formal training in cartooning but when that did not happen, she taught herself through books and later while working for a daily newspaper “The Sun” inKarachi. She did a daily comic strip based on her central character “Gogi.” Gogi later moved on to other journals and television. From her days of fun and frolic, drawing the Gogi comics for just about every national daily, Nigar’s work evolved towards bringing about social change. She put her cartoons on murals with social messages for hospitals, did bus-wrapping on public buses and made animated Gogi spots on social issues. Now she does outreach programs for children of marginalized societies and gets the Gogi Muppet to distribute schoolbags filled with fun-books on social issues.

She has been featured in a prestigious diary and desk calendar as an icon 2010 of Pakistan among eleven others by a production and print media company “Wateen” and been placed on top of a list prepared by USA’s Cartoonist Rights Network for using her cartoons in innovative ways .She is recipient of the prestigious Fatima Jinnah Award conferred by the Government of Pakistan.