Brand Yourself – Learn from the Experts

Umair is a trainer by passion, an entrepreneur by  profession and a social worker by persistence. 35,000 souls  across Pakistan and around the globe have been, as Umair  says, “turned on.” He has worked with corporate  executives, bureaucrats, entrepreneurs, trainers, teachers,  students and people from a variety of professional classes.
He would pull away the earth of your beliefs from your under feet, make you doubt, think, analyze and then help you recreate the basics of your ideology as you like it and as it would suit you best. He is known as a magician and a wise wizard for the same.

His core areas of training are ‘Live your 100%’, ‘Communication & Presentation’ and ‘Sales with Service’. He has developed training brands like The PlaySeeBowEffect, FourPlay and Max based on his philosophies.

Umair is a surprise every time but what remains constant in his variable approach to impact is the convergence of different disciplines like business management, entrepreneurship, religion, psychology, social sciences and common sense above all.

Umair is the Chief Turning Office of Torque – School of Leadership‘s corporate function.

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