This is How we Do it @ the Young Leaders Conference

Urooj Mazhar

The Youth Icon Award Winner in 2007, Urooj is a key person on the Torque team. A business person by education, she has made her mark in the business of training by interacting with a diverse set of audiences on a variety of subjects. From UNDP to WWF and from Multinational FMCGs to local banks, she has had a taste of all training battles.

Her forte is strategy. Who, why, what & how; who else, why not, what more & how better-these are her basis for designing programs. Energy, joviality, passion, soul, integrity, humor, and flexibility are her values while delivery them.

A marketing graduate, Urooj is always involved with marketing and creativity. She also has a keen mind for the strategic side of things. She brings with her a diverse background that has seen both sides of the training world (that being trainee and trainer). Post recruitment and training at SoL, she has successfully led Beyond Beauty, a residential women empowerment conference. She added to her experience when she switched from SoL to SoLF. As one of the initiators of ExtraCorp, she helped ExtraCorp attain completion from concept. Not only is Urooj responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of ExtraCorp, she is also intricately involved in expanding ExtraCorp through crafting new business initiatives. So far under ExtraCorp, she has launched 4 businesses: Bäckerei, Blaze, Write Away and Pleasures.

At SoL, she has also been a facilitator and advisor at YLC, a conference where 300 participants bring leadership to life, and Talent Fair.

While training Urooj has been around the globe from Srilanka to Thailand and within Pakistan, serving a team and clientele diverse in nationality and stratum. Along with a trainer, Urooj is a student for life, and has learnt from UNDP (United Nation Development Program), SoL (School of Leadership) and a multitude of seminars and short courses. She particularly cherishes training on interpersonal skills, networking, negotiation, cross cultural communication and change management. For her outstanding work at such a young age, Urooj has been acclaimed with ‘Youth Icon’ award in 2007.

Urooj deals with personal and social development as her forte, within and outside of our doors with energy, joviality, passion, soul, integrity, humor, and flexibility. She serves as a source of inspiration/motivation for her colleagues. Urooj is quick to open up with people and even quicker in opening others. She has a rich background in building relationships with clients. Urooj strives to change the way people think about persons with disabilities and MADventurism (Making a Difference).

You can know more about Urooj through her Blog