Teachers Laud Phonetics Workshop in Lahore

As part of its “Dawn in Education ProgrammeDAWN Newspaper organized a series of Phonetics Workshops in collaboration with the Oxford University Press. The two-day PhoneticsWorkshop in Lahore was held on May 30 & 31, 2011 at the OUP Auditorium.

The workshops were conducted by Mr. Mohammad Ali Khan, a Doctoral Researcher at the Department of Linguistics and English Language at Lancaster University UK and a Senior Instructor and Coordinator of the Professional Link Committee at Agha Khan University Karachi.

On each day two sessions were held, each lasting two and a half hours, to accommodate about 190 teachers from 82 schools across Punjab. Most of these schools have also been registered for the 7th DAWN Spelling Bee Competition 2011. These workshops not only allowed teachers an opportunity to grasp the fundamentals of phonology but also incorporated discussions, activities, and feedback tools to enable them to gain a holistic understanding of the subject at hand.

The eagerness of public and private schools alike to swiftly register for the workshop and the enthusiasm of all participating teachers at the workshop was a delightfully heartening experience to witness. The teachers too reported similar feelings when asked about their thoughts regarding the workshop as reflected by the comment of a teacher from Garrison Academy for Boys, Mrs. Sidra Afzal:

The whole event was superb. It was full of knowledge and inspiration. The important tips we learnt are applicable to all languages and I’d give the workshop a solid 9.5 out of 10.

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Mr. Arastus Attir from The City School Iqbal Campus also expressed complete satisfaction with the workshop saying that it, “covered all the fine details and nothing could have made it any better than it was. All schools should participate and send in teachers as I strongly feel that when it comes to spoken English there are great pronunciation problems.”

The teachers also communicated their desire to participate in all future workshops Dawn In Education Programme intends to conduct in subsequent years.

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Written By: Alieha Shahid

Source: Dawn.com