Review of the Phonetic Workshop held in Karachi

Dawn conducted its annual Phonetics Workshop in collaboration with Oxford University Press on May 20th and 21st at the OUP Auditorium inKarachi. The workshop was conducted as part of the Dawn in Education program and was a follow up to the previous Phonetics Workshops, raising the difficulty level this year by a notch. The workshop was conducted by Muhammad Ali Khan, Sr Instructor & Coordinator of the Professional Link Committee at the Centre of English Language, Aga Khan University, Karachi. He is a doctoral researcher at the department of Linguistics and English language Lancaster University, UK. He is also working as a researcher on the project “Language on the Move” run by Professor Ingrid Piller and Dr. Kimie Takahashi of Macquarie university, Australia.

The workshop provided an insight into the various techniques by which the teachers can apply their theoretical knowledge to the practice of pronouncing words correctly.  The event was attended by more than 275 teachers from more than a 100 public and private schools belonging to different parts of Karachi.

The exercises and content difficulty level was somewhat enhanced this year at the workshop. This step was taken after carefully analyzing feedback from the participants, who all seemed very willing to go beyond just the basics and dive deeper in the realm of phonetics.

“It was a very interesting learning experience, I’m glad I was able to attend the workshop. I’ve gained a deeper understanding of pronunciations and I’m excited to teach my students some of the new things I’ve learned here” said Nazia from BayviewHigh School.

“The session was very helpful for me to understand the reasons for spelling errors, phonetics symbols, rules of linking etc. The way of teaching was magnificent and I really loved the teaching approach…Hats of to the instructor and Dawn in Education for arranging such a wonderful workshop i would love to attend such sessions in future as well”, said Mr. Aamir Sarfaraz

The participants also appreciated the provision of transport to and from the location, enabling those who live in far off areas to attend the workshop without hassle. The workshop will now be conducted in Hyderabad on the 26th of May.

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