Spelling Bee Resource Guide

After the long wait, we are here with the 2011 Word list for Dawn in Education Spelling Bee Competition.

Please click on the Link relevant to your Age Group.

Word List for 9-11 Age Group

Word List for 12 – 14 Age Group

Word List for 15 – 17 Age Group

Happy Learning 🙂

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40 thoughts on “Spelling Bee Resource Guide

  1. hello
    i wanted to know if the words asked in the contest will be from the word list only?

    • Mr. Ahmed,
      Words at the Dawn Spelling Bee Competition are asked from various sources. The word list is one of the main reference. Other references can be the Oxford Dictionaries

  2. hi i m eman i want to know that only spelling will be asked or meaning too…from lings school mirpurkhas

    • Hi Eman,

      We only ask for spellings of the word. If at any time you are unclear of a word, and do not understand it you can ask the pronouncer to give you the meaning of the word. But, we only ask for the spellings of the word.

    • Dear Sadia,

      As mentioned earlier as well, this is primarily a spelling competition only. Yes Only spellings will be asked. The students can ask the pronouncer for the meaning of the word, part of speech, or to use the word in a sentence for clarification. But, we only ask the students to spell out the word.

    • Other references can be the Oxford Dictionary, or from different sources like the internet.
      The words at the final stage (at the Finals) of the Spelling Bee are taken from the various pages of the Dawn Newspaper.

    • Dear Fatima,

      If you can manage to convert the whole dictionary into a pill and swallow it down, sure go ahead. 🙂
      Learning a whole dictionary is not our requirement, and neither do we want the participating children to go through so much of torture. That is why we have teachers workshops, that teaches them the art and science of Phonology. You can follow the same path, or teach the students the origins of words, which helps clarify a lot of doubts as to how a particular word will be pronounced in the beginning. For e.g. certain French origin words have a particular start.
      Be practical in your teaching. Inculcate a habit of reading amongst your students. This is the best medicine I can give you.

  3. Hello , I wanted to ask that when will the book be given out ? and Is there any reward for winners , if so please mention and ofcourse when will the competition will be held in karachi ? , Thanks

    • The new spelling bee word list books will be available by early July. But you can access the word list from this blog too. Just click on the “Resources” tab and go onto the post that says “Spelling Bee Resource Guide”.

      Yes the winners are awarded cash prizes.
      The competition in Karachi is scheduled to be held on Oct 8.
      Good Luck!

    • is the competition not going to be held in Lahore?If so please do reply and i wanted to ask that the first round is going to be among the teams of one school or different schools?Thanks!

  4. hi im ilsa…..and im chosen for the international spelling bee im in the 9-11 age group but once i click on it it appears in download and i open it and it says windows cannot open this file plz help i need to practice

  5. hi
    i wanted to ask which oxford dictionary should we consult for the competitionand what other resources…………..?

    • Hi Umaima,

      There are different Oxford Dictionary titles for different age groups. The oxford Elementary Learner’s is usually used for the 9-11, the Oxford Popular for 12-14 and the Oxford Advanced Learners is used for the older group.

      We generally encourage students to develop a reading habit which helps them greatly in developing their vocabulary and improve their spellings. Read the newspaper, read books. It is a fun activity for learning. Work on word puzzles, or word games. Those help a lot too.

    • Dear Maham,

      We did not quiet understand your questions, but, this will be for the Karachi District Rounds, which is the initial qualifying round. And yes this competition is conducted by the Dawn Newspaper.

    • The Phonetic Workshop presentation has already been uploaded on this blog. Please browse through ‘Resources’. Yes you can download the presentation from here.

  6. salam sir….i wanted to ask whether the competition will be held in rawalpindi or islamabad or not..???

  7. also i wanted to know when are you going to send your word books to the registered institutions…..?
    reply soon..

  8. and i also want to see pics of my class fellows of karachi competetion participated last year

  9. Hi!
    I am participating in the Spelling Bee and I wanted to know that when would I get the word list? I didn’t get it till now and I have to prepare.
    Please tell me when is the Spelling Bee going to be in Karachi.


    • Hi Aafia,

      As mentioned earlier as well, the wordlist for this year is already uploaded on this blog, by the name of “Spelling Bee Resource Guide”. Please download it from here. Also, you can also utilise your previous Spelling Bee Word Lists, as there is very little change in the new ones.

      On the other hand, the word lists can be collected first week of August when schools reopen.

      D.I.E. Team

    • Hi Arwa,

      The competition in Karachi begins from the early October. We will first have our Sindh round in Hyderabad and then in Karachi the competition will start in the first week of October

  10. Hi I wanted to know how many rounds are there, and how many rounds will be shown on TV?

    • Hello Farishteh,

      Dawn in Education Spelling Bee competition is held at 3 levels. It starts off on a District Level, in Karachi and Hyderabad, and Pool Level in Lahore and Islamabad. The qualifying top teams then participate at the Regional Level at Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad in their respective regions. The top Spellers emerging at this level then compete at the National Level being held in Islamabad.

      Only the National Level is shown on television. Clips from the different rounds are taken and shown. The complete competition cannot be shown on TV, otherwise it would be very dry and mundane.

  11. Which oxford dictionary am I supposed to use? I’m in the 15-17 age group. Thanks!
    (I’m already getting the jitters).

    • Hello Fizza,

      You may use the Oxford Advanced Dictionary for the 15-17 Age Group.
      There is nothing to be nervous about. Be confident, and practice on your techniques. Be a smart Learner.
      Good Luck!

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