Phonetic Workshop in Karachi

Dawn in Education in collaboration with Oxford University Press has initiated a set of workshops across Pakistan in Phonology. Teachers from across the country have registered and are registering for this workshop to gain a basic practical example of Phonetics, its importance, and its practical usage.

The workshops are being conducted by Mr. Muhammad Ali Khan, a doctoral researcher at the department of Linguistics and English language Lancaster University, UK. He is also working as a researcher on the project ‘Language on the Move’ run by Professor Ingrid Piller and Dr. Kimie Takahashi of Macquarie university, Australia.

Karachi conducted its set of workshops this weekend, on May 20 and May 21, 2011 at the OUP Auditorium. The response for the workshop was phenomenal and the Dawn organizing team was overwhelmed with the response.

Just to give you an idea of what and how the workshop was conducted and followed through, enjoy the pictures posted here and on our facebook page.

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Next we move to Hyderabad with the workshop on May 26, 2011. Will keep our readers posted on the workshop developments in Hyderabad.

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5 thoughts on “Phonetic Workshop in Karachi

  1. the workshop was really good n i learnt a lot from it.. i would suggest if u have workshop content available plz upload it .. n plZ kindly suggest sum website or any online courses available .. in linguistic .. as in i m a housewife n cant join any place .. can do better frm home…

    • Thank you for your comments. We really appreciate it. As for some online courses on Linguistics, you might want to start exploring the TESOL website first. Will update you with some more links in the near future.

  2. the session has been very helpfull for me to understand the reasons for spelling errors, phonotics symbol, rules of linking etc

    the way of teaching was magnificant and i really like the teaching approach… 🙂

    Hats of to the instructor and Dawn in Education for arragning such a wonderfull workshop i would love to attend such sessions in future as well….

  3. I had the privilege of attending Dawn in Education Spelling Bee Phonetics Workshop in collaboration with OUP in Karachi conducted by M.Ali Khan, which was undoubtedly a magnificent experience of learning and sharing linguistic misconceptions among teachers and learners.It enabled all the participants to gain knowledge and created interest in Linguistics. The credits goes to the facilitator Mr.M.Ali, who made the workshop so interesting with the CLT approach, informative handouts and interactive discussions with excellent practise exercises.All those who attended the workshop, surely gained a lifelong experience of enunciating the words properly.I express my gratitude to the trainer (M.Ali) and OUP for arranging such an effective workshop and providing us a platform to share our views.

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