Real Life Experience – Participant Nostalgia

Twice in my life have I realized the true value of forty seconds when they confronted me as a question; whether I would cross it and face a victory or a defeat, whether I would get in return the fruit of the continuous effort I had been making since as long as I don’t remember or return back listening to others just satisfying me by saying,

Life’s just a game of Luck!” or “Winning and losing is a part of the game, what matters is that you actually stood up to compete.” But sometimes, no good words are enough to console you.

I am a Bachelor’s student currently, and I participated in the Dawn Spelling Bee Competition twice. Once as a grade Ninth Student from Usman Public School, when I only managed to reach the Round 1, and once as a grade Twelfth student from D.A.Degree College for Women Phase VIII. In all these years, the Dawn Spelling Bee Book remained with me at all times, and on many occasions was  my only pillow. At school, I started a scheme of introducing one new word from the Dawn Bee Book to the students in the Daily Morning Assembly. But unfortunately a struggle of three years could only take me till the Regionals.

But the disappointment I felt was nothing next to the pleasure I had by being a part of such a healthy and fair educational competition. Not only did I learn spellings, but many real life lessons. I learned what it is to compete, to accept that its not always possible to win, victory can not be always yours, the art of accepting defeat decently, to sit in a row with dozens of different people, to have the courage to speak when you are under the limelight and the judges and audience are listening to each letter you utter, and the only thing you can listen is the echo of your own voice in a fully occupied auditorium. It was then that I realized that a single correct spelled word can bring me victory parallel to when a thousand words uttered go unheard.

Competitions as healthy as this should always be encouraged, appreciated and promoted. To allow our children compete with the world, we have to provide them with numerous platforms like these, the trend has to be revolutionized. The importance of co-curricular activities have to be highlighted. They empower you, boost up your personality, give you a chance to experience what the real world is and what real socializing, interacting, competing and struggling is.

Dawn through this competition has brought forward those schools of Pakistan to our knowledge about which we had never even heard of before.

It is my sincere advice to all students, if life gives you an opportunity as beautiful as this, grab it, for what you’ll learn this way is something you won’t learn any other way, I had an ever-lasting experience. Only had I not turned seventeen so early, I would have participated the third time too.

Written By Tahoora Javed Chandna