DAWN in Education National Spelling Bee is Back!!!

Dear Spelling Bee Fans,

DAWN in Education Spelling Bee Competition is BACK! We are starting School Registrations from Next week. If you are a student, speak to your teachers and ask them to register your school and team for the Dawn in Education Spelling Bee 2011.

Register in 4 simple Steps:

Step 1

Download the Registration Form from our Website, or our Blog, or give us a call

Step 2

Fill out the Form

Step 3

Make the Registration Fee Cheque, or Demand Draft if your school is outside Karachi, Lahore or Islamabad

Step 4

Seal the Registration Form along with the Cheque, in an Envelope and mail it out to your nearest Dawn Office. (Either Karachi, Lahore or Islamabad).

Hurry and Register Fast!


Karachi & Lahore : March 20, 2011

Islamabad:            March 25, 2011

14 thoughts on “DAWN in Education National Spelling Bee is Back!!!

    • Dear Mary,

      The Lahore office is also getting in touch with the schools. And have started their registration process. You may want to get in touch with Ms. Rabeea Salman who is handling the Spelling Bee Project. Their contact details are given on the Lahore Form. Please refer to the Lahore Registration form.

      Dawn in Education

  1. hi dawn,
    i am a student of o levels and was hoping to participate in the upcoming spelling bee contest in 2011. however, i have my final cambridge examinations in may. can you please tell me that when are you holding this contest so i can take the decision because the registration deadline is near. moreover can you please specify the minimum number of participants from a school. hoping for a fast reply.

    waleed zahoor

    • The competition itself is taking place in Sept/ Oct. We are only taking confirmations from schools right now. Our next step is enrollment of students. You can speak to your teacher to let your try out for the Spelling Competition

  2. Hi Dawn,
    Where will the finals be taking place this time, Karachi, Lahore or Islamabad?

  3. Will the participants get a word list? If yes, what will be the procedure of getting that?

    • Yes the participants get a wordlist. Once, the schools send out their nominations the wordlists are given out to the schools to be distributed to the students

    • Dear Kanza,

      You may visit the spelling Bee website, go into search for words. I am afraid, you can only search for words like a dictionary, but cannot download the wordlist from anywhere.

  4. We have already registered our school for the upcoming spelling bee 2011. I just want to know that when will you send the nomination forms to schools and what would be the deadline to finalize the school candidates?

    • Dear Suhail,

      The participants nomination forms will be sent out to schools from today. You will also find them on our blog from today as well.
      Please refer to the blog for download of any resources concerning the Spelling Bee.

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