Horlicks Wizkids Competition 2010

List of activities/ competitions that would take place in Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi

Horlicks Wizkids Pakistan Main Stage:

• Musical melody
• Creative play
• Quizzer kids
• Antakshari
• Horlicks Wiz team

Creative Zone:

• English/Urdu story writing
• Painting
• Mehndi Art
• Horlicks little chef


One thought on “Horlicks Wizkids Competition 2010

  1. Can you leave details like how anyone enters, what the categories are? Can anyone enter individually? How does a school champion get selected? What the competition is like? Has this competition ever taken place before? How does a city champion get chosen? Do all cities in Pakistan get a chance to enter? Kindly update these details. Thank you.x

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