Spelling Bee Championship dominated by Girls

It was no surprise that the Bee championship was dominated by girls, and only a handful of their male counterparts were competing at the Nationals. Even with only a handful, the boys battled out pretty well, and managed to take to  12-14 atge group trophy home, along with securing a 1st Runner Up position in the 15-17 age group.

There is no doubt that, M. Zuhair was challenged with some of the toughest words, which he proficiently surpassed and went on to win the 1st Runner Up title.

Here are Pakistan’s Wizkids who are declared as the“Best Spellers across the Country”


12-14 Age Group


National Champion       Taimur Ahmed Mian

Karachi Grammar School, Middle School Branch, Karachi





1st Runner Up          Rymsha Siddiqui                    

Lahore Grammar School, Ghalib Market, Lahore


2nd Runner Up       Sarah Ahmed                             

EMS High School, Senior Branch, Islamabad

15 – 17 Age Group



National Champion      Asra Ahmed

Kids University, Karachi






1st Runner Up M. Zuhiar Murad

Aitchison College, Lahore





2nd Runner Up Fatima Arif Pabany                  

The Mama Parsi Girls Secondary, Karachi