Horlicks WizKids 2010 making waves in Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi

Karachi: 18th October 2010 –  Horlicks introduced South Asia’s Largest and most Exciting Interschool Fiesta, Horlicks WizKid 2010, in Pakistan this year to give the participating students, a perfect platform to participate, perform, witness, cheer, have fun, learn and grow as individuals and become a part of the Horlicks WizTeam Pakistan 2010.

Over 75 schools in Karachi, 75 schools in Lahore, and 60 schools in Islamabad were invited to these electrifying, enjoyable and action packed literary, art, talent and cultural events. Horlicks WizTeam visited a number of schools and set Pakistani schools ablaze with excitement and enthusiasm about WizKids 2010.

The WizKids competition is hosting 10 electrifying and unique contests for its participants at each of these three cities. Now who would have imagined activities like–Quizzers, Painting, Mehndi Art, Creative Art, Music Melody, WizTeam, English Story Writing, Urdu Story Writing, Little Chef, Antakshari – all under one umbrella! These activities will be judged by an elite panel comprising celebrities, industry professionals and corporate leaders. The winners of these city-wide competitions will receive special gift Hampers.

This challenging, innovative and thrilling Interschool Fiesta has given students a platform to partake, applaud, exhibit and hone their skills at an international forum such as the Horlicks WizKids. Teachers have been particularly “enthusiastic about providing their students an avenue of learning which is different from the everyday routine, since it’s the perfect blend of education and entertainment.”

So brace yourself for the Horlicks WizKids 2010 competition in Karachi on the 7th of November, 2010.

To join in the fun and register to take part in the festivities, click on the links provided on this resource page.

Click here to see pictures of Horlicks WizKids at schools in Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi.