Horlicks WizKids 2010 in Pakistan

Education comes not only from what one has been taught in classrooms, but the experiences that surrounds that learning makes one wise. Horlicks introduced South Asia’s Largest and most Exciting Interschool Fiesta, Horlicks WizKid 2010, in Pakistan this year to give the participating students, a perfect platform to participate, perform, witness, cheer, have fun, learn and grow as individuals and become a part of the Horlicks WizTeam Pakistan 2010.

The DAWN in Education Programme is the first of its kind and the only ‘Newspaper in Education’ programme from Pakistan, recognised internationally. Since the main goal of the Programme has been to enhance children’s skill sets beyond the classroom, by being a part of this event, DAWN in Education hopes to help promote and encourage such activities across Pakistan.

These fun-filled city competitions of the Horlicks WizKids 2010 will keep the participants excited and on their feet all day. The event is open to students from the 5th to 12th grades. The winners of these city-wide competitions will get a chance to represent Pakistan in the South Asian final.

Click here for more information about Horlicks WizKids 2010, DAWN in Education, see pictures of WizKids 2010 activities in Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi and register to participate in the exciting events.