Horlicks WizKids 2010 – The journey has just begun!

Horlicks WizKids 2010 hits the road!

Has Horlicks WizKids been to your school as yet? Have you checked out Horlicks WizKids 2010 Facebook Page as yet? With over 7,000 fans on Horlicks WizKids Facebook page, students nationwide have shown great enthusiasm to be a part of the Wiz; and are prepared to participate in the most exciting extra curriculum activity as more schools will be visited in the coming week.

Horlicks WizKids 2010 has set the Pakistani schools ablaze with excitement and enthusiasm. School visits have started in full swing in the three metropolitan cities of Pakistan – Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad.
The Horlicks Team have been visiting the schools since the 11th of October, 2010 in search for the best Horlicks WizTeam Pakistan 2010, who will be going to India to compete in the final round!

The WizKids competition is hosting 10 electrifying and unique contests for its participants at each of these three cities. This challenging, innovative and thrilling Interschool Fiesta gives students a platform to partake, applaud, exhibit and hone their skills at an international forum such as the Horlicks WizKids.


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