Karachi Regional Championship: 15-17 age group [live posting]

5:43 – And we have:
The Winner: Asra Ahmed (Kids University, sharah-e-Faisal branch)
1st runner-up: Fatima Arif Pabaney (The Mama Parsi Girls Secondary)
2nd runner-up: Afiya Azad Sajwani (The Mama Parsi Girls Secondary)

5:40 – And Mama Parsi’s Afiya gains.


5:33 – With 4 wrongs and 1 right for each speller, the tension is rising. The strain is beginning to show on the duellers.

5:28 – It’s between Jannat Bugti and Afiya Azad for the 2nd runner-up title.

5:26 – And we have a clear winner.

5:24 – The two are going at it point-for- point. 3 right, 1 wrong.

5:18 – Now it’s down to a face-off between Asra from Kids University and Fatima from Mama Parsi

5:13 – Elimination leaves only Asra, Jannat, Afiya and Fatima standing tall for the next level of elimination words.

5:00 – We’re at the final elimination now. The remaining contestants from the three schools are:

Kids University (sharah-e-Faisal branch)

  1. Asra Ahmed
  2. Hina Saleem
  3. Sidra Ahmed

The Avicenna School

  1. Jannat Bugti
  2. Rabia Saleem
  3. Sara Pirzada

The Mama Parsi Girls Secondary

  1. Afiya Azad Sajwani
  2. Fatima Arif Pabaney
  3. Wafa Isphani

4:58 – Thus begins the Eliminations rounds.

The schools fighting to stay in are:

  1. Generation’s School
  2. Kids University (sharah-e-Faisal branch)
  3. The Avicenna School
  4. The Mama Parsi Girls Secondary School

4:50 – Appeal and consequent replay  takes away a point from the Commecs Institute of Business Education.

4:44 – Running a playback to clear the issue up.

4:42 – The scores after the Triple Sting round are: okay a wait probably on some appeal. The appeal seems to disagree with the judge’s decision to substitute a word with an alternate one.

4:40 – the Triple sting rounds ends on ‘Comprehensive’. Lets see the scores

4:30 – confusion between ‘cumulate’ (the word) and ‘accumulate’ (the meaning) 🙂

4:15 – 12 schools past the Triple Sting Round and the competition has become stiffer and more relentless.

Pay attention to the rules that the judges and announcer lay out before the competition starts, and try to not do anything they warn will disqualify you and your team.

3:58 – Triple Sting Round starts.

3:55 – St Patrick’s High School submits an appeal. Triple Sting starts after a replay.

3:53 – The Buzz Words Round comes to an end and we move into the more challenging Triple Sting Round.

3:30 – The Buzz Words Round has reached the halfway mark, and it’s looking to be quite competitive. Check out the recorded videos on our YouTube channel to see just how impressive the kids are.

The 24 participating schools will go through the Buzz Words Round and Triple Sting Round to narrow the number of schools for the ultimate Elimination. The 24 starting schools are:

Beaconhouse School System (Jubilee Campus), Beaconhouse School System (Gulshan Cambridge), Cadet College (Sanghur), Commecs Institute of Business Education, DA Degree College for Women, Falconhouse Grammar School (Campus III), FFC Higher Secondary School (Mirpur Mathelo), Froebel Education Centre, Generations School, Habib girls School, Happy Home School (O Level), Hayat Girls Higher Secondary School (Hyderabad), Karachi Grammar School (College section), Kids University, Korangi Academy, Sargodhian Spirit Trust Public School (Tando Allahyar), St. Lawrence’s Convent Girls School, St. Patrick’s High School (O Level), The Anchorage School (Campus 2), The Avicenna School (Girls), The City School (PAF Chapter), The Lyceum School, The Mama Parsi Girls Secondary School, Usman Public School (Campus VIII).

3:03 – The competition kicks off with the first word for the Buzz Word Round.

2:53 – Getting the contestants to the stage.