Karachi Regional Championship: 12-14 age group [live posting]

2:16 – The Eliminations were extremely gruelling, lasting over 10 minutes for the last 2 contestants fighting it out for the 2nd runner-up.

And we have our Three:
Winner: Ilsa Adul Razzak (The Mama Parsi School)
1st runner up: Waliya Badr (Indus Academy)
2nd runner up: Taimur Ahmed Mian (Karachi Grammar School)

1:57 – Elimination continues with no participants falling.

1:55 – level 2 over, eliminating 1, with 4 going forward

1:52 – level 1 over, eliminating 4, with 5 going to the next level of eliminations

1:48 – The Elimination Round begins.

1:46 – The following participants will go through the elimination round to determine the winner and runner-ups:

Karachi Grammar School

  1. M Murtaza Mubin
  2. Natasha Ali
  3. Taimur Ahmed Mian

The Indus Academy

  1. Suwaibah gangat
  2. Tehreema Syed
  3. Waliya Badr

The Mama Parsi Girls Secondary School

  1. Hadia Farooq
  2. Ilsa Abdul Razzak
  3. Infer Khalid

13:37 – Triple Sting Round ends with winners The Mama Parsi Girls Secondary School, The Indus Academy, and Karachi Grammar School. Elimination Round coming up next.

Triple Sting Round coming to an end soon and we’ll have the winners in a bit.

12:50 – Triple Sting Round begins. Kids seem restless.

12:47 – Breaking for the 12-14 Triple Sting Round.

The schools that are competing in the Buzz Words Round are:

Happy Home School (Society campus), Haque Academy, Jaffar Public School (Sr branch), Karachi Grammar School (Middle School), Karachi High School, The Metropolis Academy (Gulberg I), Public School (Hyderabad), The Avicenna School (Girls), The city School (Liaquat Campus. Hyd), The city School (Prep Girls PECHS), The city School (Prep Girls Gulshan), The city School (PAF Chapter), The Indus Academy, The Mama Parsi Girls Secondary School, Wahid English School, Al Madrasa-tus-saifiya-tul-Burhaniyah (Shabbirabad Campus), Bahria Foundation College (Ranipur), Beaconhouse School system (Gulshan Cambridge), Cadet College (Petaro), Cadet College (Sanghur), Community Based High School (TM Khan), Convent of Jesus and Mary, Creek High School (CBM Campus), DA Public O & A Level, Foundation Public School (O Level North), Froebels Education system (Sr & Jr Branch), Guards Public School

12:26 – Well into the Buzz round and KESC shows no mercy.

11:37 – Greetings to the the new participants and audience. Competition’s about to kick off.