Mechanics of the Regional Competition

The Regional Competition starts off in the same fashion as the District Rounds.

There are a total of 24 teams competing in the 9-11 Age Group. 27 Teams under 12-14 age group and 25 teams under 15-17 age group.

Each team is asked 4 Buzz Words, and 3 Triple Sting words. Your words can vary. They can be from your word list and or from outside the word list. Once the total scores of each team is tallied, we then move on to the Elimination stage. We play the Sudden Death Round, till we have our top 3 scoring teams or 9 students.

At this stage, we split the teams into individual spellers. 9 students compete amongst each other to become the BEST Speller from the Region. The spellers continue to play the Elimination till we have 1 Speller from each age group who can be crowned as the Regional Champion, and other 2 as the 1st and 2nd Runner-Ups.


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