Gear up for the Karachi Regional Championship!!!!

Counting days, hours and minutes i suppose?

Well, there is nothing to worry about. All our Regional participants need is a GOOD night sleep, and to RELAX!!! Give yourself a break. You have studied real hard and come this far. All you now need is to FOCUS!!.

Keep the following Tips in mind:

1. Keep an Open ear, and clear your mind off all thoughts

2. Take a deep breath before sitting up on stage, and Relax.

3. Do not look at your Spelling Bee Word lists, nor any dictionaries at night or in the morning before your competition. Let your mind relax, and the sub-conscious mind do its job!

4. Remain focused, and concentrate.

5. Listen to the words asked for very carefully.

6. Divide your tasks or roles amongst your team mates. Since, any of your team mate can ask a question. Keep one person responsible for gathering all the information from the pronouncer.

7. Ask the Pronouncer to repeat the word, define it, use the word in a sentence and or part of speech.

8. Assign another teammate to help you with the spelling structure. This way you will be able to use your first 20 secs effectively. REMEMBER! you only have the first 20 Secs to gather all information and discuss with your teammates.

9. You can only discuss with your teammates within the first 20 secs. Once, you hear the buzzer you are not allowed to discuss nor ask any questions from the pronouncer.

10. In the remaining 20 Secs the speller is on its own, and must spell the word before the 40 sec time is up. {Refer to Training Video 2 & 3}

How & Where to Prepare from?

READ!!! Reading books should now be your favorite hobby, and and past time. Books should be your best Friends!. Even if you spend 40 minutes everyday reading the newspaper, especially the Saturday (Young World) for ages 9-11, and Sci-tech, Business and Opinion pages for the older groups, you should be able to cope with new and distinctive words. Pull out meaning to words that are new to your ears, and learn how they are pronounced. Try using some audio dictionaries online to help you with pronunciation.

Hope this post is of good help to all you folks out there freaking out!. Good Luck Champs!!!