A Nerving Elimination

Now I would truly like to believe on the face, to keep your nerves strong and intact is what the game is all about. An absolutely breath taking elimination round between the Bay View High team and the Happy Home team. What a match I must say!!!! 10 rotations between the two, and one with the much calmer nerves qualified for the Karachi Regionals Championship.

Age group: 12-14

School: The Metropolis Academy – Gulberg Campus I

1 Ansub Syed

2 Asim Mehboob

3 Syed M. Salman

School: Happy Home School – Society Campus

1 Rabia Arif

2 Sara Fawad

3 Syed

The City School – Prep Girls PECHS

  1. Afia Waseem
  2. Ayesha Khan
  3. Natiqa Babar

School: Haque Academy

1.  Munira Jamali

2.  Tayaba Haris

3.  Zobia Akhtar

Age Group  – 15- 17

School: Beaconhouse School System – Jublee Campus


1.  Alizeh Abbas

2.  Sapna Kumari

3.  Syed Ali Abidi


School: Commecs Institute of Business Education


1.  Humaira Siddiqui

2.  Huzaifa Abdul Hamid

3.  Zainab Marvi

School: The Lyceum School


  1. Priya Anoop
  2. Sheena Nizar
  3. Laraib Khan


School : The Anchorage School – Campus 2

  1. Ahmed Raza
  2. Amna Tahir
  3. Aqsa Aslam

School : St. Patrick’s High School – O Level

  1. Abdul Rafay
  2. Ahwaz Akhter
  3. Ralph Martins


School: DA Degree College for Women



  1. Nuzhat Ara
  2. Tahoora Javed
  3. Umm-e-Aymon Rizvi

Judges:  Shirin Kavi

Zenobia Master

Pronouncers: Bill Borrough

Shirley Valika

Susan Edghill

Derek Lawler


11 thoughts on “A Nerving Elimination

  1. I would request you to correct the spelling for age group 12 to 14 in archieve of 25th september . Asim Mehboob from metropolis academy…

    Its not Asam Mehboob

    1. Nuzhat Ara not Nuzhat Azra!!!!

    This mistake is also printed in the newspaper….ANGERED!!

  3. Will the list of all school and contestants get oublished here in the blog who have advanced to next level for 15-17 age group.

  4. Dawn S Bee can you please upload the details about the day on 10th Oct I want to to know the procedure of rounds and how many schools will be playing at a time, etc.

    • Dear Nuzhat,

      It seems that your school certainly does not communicate information. But, we will upload the complete list and other details today.
      Thank you for your reminder 🙂

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