The Boys Surprised us Today!!

It was surely one long day, with the boys making their mark this time. One of those Elimination moments that we were missing over the last two days. Check out the results; and you will surely know what we are talking about.

Winners from September 23, 2010 are:

Pool A

Age group: 9-11

School: Army Public School (Faisal Branch)

1 Muhammad Waleed Khan

2 Jahanzeb Asif Cheema

3 Danish Abdullah

School: The City School (PAF Chapter)

1 Huda Nadeem

2 Samer Fahim

3 Hira Faisal Farooqui

Pool B

Age Group: 15-17

School: Usman Public School (campus VIII)

  1. Zayd Abdulhaq
  2. Mohammad Bin Zia
  3. Bilal Abdulhaq

School: The Mama Parsi Girls (Main Branch)

1.  Afifa Azad

2.  Fatima Arif Pabaney

3.  Wafa Isphani

Pool C

Age Group: 9-11

School: Habib Girls School

1.  Marium Rasheed

2.  Areej-al-Madinah

3.  Bismah Khan

School :Usman Public School (Campus VI )

  1. Syeda Naima Fatima
  2. Heba Mahmood
  3. Mafaza Kamran

Pool D

Age 15 – 17

School : Falconhouse Grammar School (Campus III )

  1. Mohammad Yasir Junaid
  2. Syed Muhammad Ahmed
  3. Syed Hammad Ahmed

School : The Avicenna School (Girls Branch )

  1. Jannat Bugti
  2. Rabia Salim
  3. Sara Pirzada

Ponouncer: Derek Lawler

Humaira Jawaid

Yasmeen Sayeed

Judges: Shirin Kavi