Winners from Today’s show

Winners at the Spelling Bee Contest on 22 September, 2010. 🙂 Oddly we are not coming across many ties, and therefore not much of elimination. Want some more heart pacing action here. Lets take a look at today’s winners.

Pool A

Age group: 9-11

School: Forebel Education Centre Pvt Ltd (Senior & Junior Branch)

  1. Tasarunn Munir
  2. Ali Anjum Fazal
  3. Syed Ahmedullah Hussaini

School: KN Academy Foundation (Bahadurabad Campus)

  1. Aqsa Rizwan
  2. Aena Lodi
  3. Ramis Qasim

Pool B

Age Group: 12-14

School: Wahid English School

  1. Areena Pervez
  2. Abdul Ahad
  3. Zaufeshan Nadeem

School: Karachi Grammar School (Middle School Branch )

1. Natasha Ali

2. Muhammad Murtaza Mubin

3. Taimur Ahmed Mian

Pool C

Age Group: 9-11

School: The Mama Parsi Girls’ Secondary School

1. Ashfia Hasan

2. Areesha Rizwan

3. Syeda Fatima Hashmi

School :Hill Crest School (Shareefabad Branch)

  1. M-Meraj uddin
  2. Hira Saleem
  3. Laiba Khan

Pool D

Age 15 – 17

School :St Lawrence’s Convent Girls School (Main Branch )

  1. Mahnoor Nadeem
  2. Manahil Shahzad
  3. Sanyah Khan

School : Beaconhouse School System (Gulshan Cambridge Branch )

  1. Osama Zubair
  2. Rumaisa Khalid
  3. Nida Feroz

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  1. i m sanyah khan of st. lawrence’s convent from age group 15-17 and i m very positive that this year the lawrentians will be the champions.

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